About Noctua
We are committed to creating value for our clients through a new and distinctive approach.

Noctua Partners was founded in 2009 with the purpose of helping individuals reach their financial objectives. Our growth is a reflection of our commitment to our client partners and true alignment of interests with all stakeholders.

We are an independent asset management firm with a focus in identifying innovative solutions to challenging markets. Our company culture is built on applying analytical rigor and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Through separate vehicles, we offer clients curated investment solutions in the real estate sector by identifying, analyzing and structuring institutional-quality deals.

What we are best at

Our Services

Active Portfolio Management
Noctua has multidisciplinary expertise that spans across asset classes, regions and investment strategies which allows to identify optimal positioning for our clients' portfolio through market cycles.

Customized portfolio construction tailored to each clients' needs is achieved integrating top-down macro themes with bottom-up asset selection.
Wealth Planning
We provide clients with an all-encompassing approach focused on wealth protection including issues related to tax optimization and family governance & structure.

Concierge services are available for ultra high net worth individuals.
Execution Platform
Our partnership with Pershing Advisory Solutions allows for increased flexibility and enhanced execution capabilities with superior credit qualities.

We have also built complementary banking relationships to expand product offerings and optimize costs.
Reporting Services
We have partnered with Addepar for automatic data aggregation and reconciliation with banks.

Addepar maintains security levels and investment data privacy, providing complete transparency into the global view of your portfolio.

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